Hi Comrades & Auxiliaries,

Well, we have started a New Year and we have gone through a freeze that started our ball. Our days are getting longer and before you know it Spring will be upon us.
One thing we will have to do is get rid of the A.C.L.U. This organization that is against everything the V.F.W. stands for. As Americans, we have to explain our views.

You know our membership is in dire need of increase. This Post is as good as it’s membership and don’t forget this is the best one in Alaska.

May God bless you all.

Your Commander,

Rocky Frank



If you have not gotten your Annual Dues in, please do so as soon as possible for the year 2009 to the Post,

Ladies Auxiliary and Men’s Auxiliary

Get your dues in today!

Thank You



Commander – Rocky Frank

Sr. Vice – Jim Dress

Jr. Vice – Francis Richter

Quartermaster - Ray Rozak

Adjutant – Jim Dress

Judge Adg - Greg Murray

Chaplain – Mike Youngman

Surgeon – Ron Ness

Officer of the Day – Bill Haggerty

Trustee – Wes Newcomb

Trustee – Patrick Russell

Service Off – Mike Youngman





Hello Ladies,

February is on its way and spring is just around the corner?

I thought spring was coming but it looks like winter is back.

Some of the things coming up in February are the Superbowl Game and Party on the 1st. Come out and root for your favorite team, the Arizona Cardinals or the Pittsburg Steelers and if they’re not the teams you wanted there (I wanted to see the Chargers get in there) than come on out and just party with us. We will have food and prizes and fun so don’t miss out!!! We will be raffling off the Log Splitter on Superbowl Sunday also. If you don’t have your tickets, pick some up at the Post, only $2.00 a ticket. For those of you who haven’t seen it, it’s a 4-ton electric log splitter.

Watch for our upcoming raffle of a beautiful quilt made by Coy Carlson, one of our Ladies Auxiliary member.
Groundhogs Day is on the 2nd (do you think the groundhog will see his shadow?) and Valentines Day on the 14th.  All you lovers, be sure and let your significant other know you care.  I will be at the Mid-Winter Convention on the 13th & 14th along with Nif and Diana Frank.

If you have the opportunity to make it to the convention, please let us know. We would love to have any and all turnout from our Post and auxiliaries to represent us. Along with us will be our husbands: Ron representing the Post, Eric representing the Men’s Auxiliary and Rocky representing the Post. Also, R.J. is going to be representing the Men’s Auxiliary.

For those of you who were able to join us on New Years Eve, I hope you had a great time, I know Ron & I did. Lulu Small sang and did her show and we had lots of food and of course lots of sparkling entertainment. We had a great bonfire and did our flag retirement ceremony with everyone joining in. It was the start of another year with new resolutions (for those of you who did them). I hope everyone has a great 2009!!!

For those of you who seem to be confused on our Steak Nights, they will always be on the 3rd Saturday of the month for the winter and the 1st and 3rd Saturdays in the summer. I hope to see you all there.

We are still having our Taco Nights on Monday at this time, so join us for $1.00 tacos.

Our Fish Fry’s are on the last Sunday of the month with Halibut Chunks and fries with side salads and desserts made by our Ladies Auxiliary members.

Our next meeting is on the 8th of February, join us and come with ideas of things that we could bring up at the Mid-Winter Conference.

A “SPECIAL THANK YOU” to Nif for all you do and for the great news of our Patriots Pen Contest winner. It’s people like you who help us keep up with our kids programs.


Until next time,

Bobby ness

Auxiliary President & News Editor


Identification Statement:


Bursting Radius News Monthly

Virl Pa Haga Memorial

Veterans of Foreign War

PO Box 374

Anchor Point, AK 99556-0374



President – Bobby Ness

Sr. Vice – Nif Henley

Jr. Vice – Theresa Bicondova

Treasurer – Di Griner

Chaplain – June Picard

Secretary – Gina Kent

Trustee – Margie Youngman


Men’s Auxiliary

President – Ken DeFrancesco

Sr. Vice – Andy Boyle

Jr. Vice – R.J. Austin

Sec/Treas – Tom Repp

Chaplain – Greg Alman

Trustee – George Buss


Ladies Auxiliary Sr. Vice

Hello all.

I had the opportunity to again chair our Youth Patriot Pen Essay Contest and have a little story to tell, it goes a little something like this. Since it is so close to Christmas we'll tell it like this:

Twas the night before judging and all through my house was the sound of pen marks from 1 to 69. "69", yep that's right we had 69 entry's this year. Okay back to the story.

As I sat in my pj's marking the essay's I took a moment to stop and read. After an hour had past I better get back to work, so making sure I had everything ready I called out their names, on Mike, and Joanne, on Margie, and Ole now who am I forgetting - oh and on Bob now judge away judge awayy judge away all. With all my judges in place they stay down for a long winters reading (three hours worth) uffda!! After much reading our judges filled out their score sheets. They sat back and had a little nibble to eat and a sip of their - no not what you are thinking. Ha Ha. As they drove out of sight, I thanked them for their hard work and time and told them how important they are and see them in April for our awards ceremony. Up on the score sheet I heard such a clatter, Makai-Lynn Smith, First place (6th grade from Kenai Middle School), Charlene Benson, Second (6th grade), and Hetta Quade, Third place (6th grade). Dash away Dash away did Makai-Lynn's First Place Essay go all the way up to Department. A week went by and I received a call from Kurt Mueller who is the Department Chairman for Patriots Pen. Not only did our judges give Makai-Lynn a high score but she has now taken First place in Department. Congratulations Makai Lynn. We are all so very proud of you. Now Makai-Lynn's essay travels to National. Good Luck Makai-Lynn.

It is so important that we keep our Youth Programs going to make sure our youth are educated about our Veterans. This year reading over our essays and listen to the comments our judges had about the essays that were written truly reflected that we need to get into our schools more. There is so much teaching that needs to be brought forward and shared with our youth. So as I ride out of site I wish for our youth that we touch them with our teachings for they are our future.


Our Voice of Democracy Audio Contest and our Patriots Pen Essay contest brochures are given to schools in the lower peninsula from Nanwalek to Nikiski. There are times when we get no response to a response with 69 entries, and we are so hopefully, and thankful to our teachers that help with these programs.

Jennifer Henley

Patriot Pen Chairperson


If your birthday is not listed here, please let me know and I will put it on my calendar!

Bobby 235-1287 or email me at:


Birthdays in “February”


Alma Haga – 5th

Ron Ness – 6th

Pat Russell – 8th

Elsie Cooley – 9th

Kathy Mohn – 9th

David Whiteman – 15th

Richard Shreves – 17th

Andria Schmidt – 18th

Becky Hackney – 26th





February 8, 2009

    4:00 House Committee

    5:00 Men’s Auxiliary

    6:00 Post Meeting and Ladies Auxiliary


When Meetings are going on

please stay out of the back room, it disturbs the people in the meetings no matter how quiet you are. If you need to make copies, please do so before or after the meetings. Thank You


Join Us for


February 21st

6-8 PM

Bring your friends

And Family



The Ladies Auxiliary envelopes are back on the counter, they are just another way to win with a 50/50 drawing. Bring in your $ today.

The drawings are done on the 1st Monday of the month. AS194



Put your Business Card Ad in the Newsletter for just $50.00 for 6 months.

This helps cover the costs of printing the newsletter.

Contact the Post

at 235-4101 or 235-5582

or Bobby at 235-1287



From the Men’s Auxiliary


Just a reminder that dues are due for the upcoming year of 2009. Please get your dues in, they are $25.00 for the year.

They can be mailed to:

 VFW Post 10221

PO Box 374

 Anchor Point, AK 99556

Attn: Men’s Auxiliary


Thank you,


We are having a FISH FRY

When: Sunday, February 22nd  

Where: VFW Post 10221

Time: 4-6 pm

Come join us for

Halibut Chunks

French Fries, Salad

& Desserts

All you can eat!!!!




We need YOUR help for our Fish Fry’s

Our Fish Fry’s are done by the Men’s Auxiliary,

Ladies Auxiliary and the Post. We could use your help!!!  It takes all of us to put this together.

Thanks, Pat


Marine Corps League News


Join us at our next meeting on February 8th at 2pm.



K-Bay Marines

Detachment 838


Join the Marine Corps League!

Meetings 2nd Sunday

@ 2:00 pm

At VFW #10221




We Have A “Web Site”

thanks to Tom Repp.

He has been putting together our Post Web Site.

Visit us at

You will find our monthly newsletter on the web site, so if you want to receive our newsletter via the web sight and not by mail, please let me know. You can email me at

Check us out and see what we are doing!!!